What is PAYSETO for?

PAYSETO is designed for all businesses or freelancers who want a convenient and easy collection of payments from their clients. Send invoices to your clients with the option to pay them immediately, collect your reservation or instalments, make international payments without any currency conversion fees, or if you provide regular services to a regular customer base, let PAYSETO arrange recurring payments at the frequency specified by you. It does not matter what kind of services or products you sell, PAYSETO will allow your clients to pay them, especially with all credit or debit cards, and will save you time and money.

  • Immediately withdraw funds from your client account
  • You will clearly see whether your customers have received and read your emails
  • You will simply automate the process of collecting periodic payments
  • You will be able to accept payments from all around the globe
  • Possibility to split payments by installments
  • Safety of payments
  • Clear and detailed statistics of payments
  • Business-adapted editable e-mail templates
  • No restrictions on the amount of payments or services
  • No need to have website or e-store
  • Automatic payment reminders for clients regarding unpaid invoices
  • And more...

Get to know PAYSETO working environment

The most convenient way to collect periodical payments from regular clients. Ideal for the owners educational activities.

Do you have a business or activity that is based on regular clients and accounts for regular frequency and fixed-rate payments? Submit your clients to PAYSETO and allow automated sending of payment links within a set frequency. You will have a convenient way of billing for your clients, thanks to the system there will be much less overdue payments, and the PAYSETO platform will take care of the reminder process. This is the perfect solution for owners of groups, educational activities or other regular clients.


Frequently asked questions

When I open a PAYSETO account, do I need to perform any additional actions in order to collect payments made by customers?
Yes, you do. You must additionally conclude a contract with one of the integrated payment service provider and after you recieve their account details, you must link that account with PAYSETO platform. You can easily do so in the "Settings" section. From that moment you can accept customer payments.
Will I get my money right away into my account?
Depending on the agent and the payment method, the transfer of money to your account can take from one day to a week, but money from your client's account is charged instantly.
Are there any additional taxes, while using PAYSETO?
PAYSETO does not apply additional taxes, however they are applied by payment providers, depending on the quantity of transactions. Their terms and pricing should be discussed with the paying agent at the time of opening of their account.

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  • Unlimited payment e-mails and links
  • International payments
  • Payment statistics
  • Automatic customer reminders
  • E-mail status monitoring
  • Periodical payments
  • All functions and no restrictions

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